Caged (A Holloway Pack Story) (Volume 3)

Caged - J.A. Belfield I'm seriously always excited for more Holloway Pack books or novellas...or anything Holloway Pack related really, but I've been EAGERLY anticipating Caged as soon as I discovered it was Ethan's story, and I have to say that it definitely didn't disappoint! It was quite a bit different than the other books in the series because they're about Sean and Jem and are mostly from Jem's POV, but it was a really, really, REALLY good kind of different! I loved getting to learn about Ethan and seeing all of the layers that we didn't get to see through the other books. I also just absolutely loved seeing Ethan get his own little bit of happiness. :)

I'm gonna refrain from going into too much detail about the specifics of Caged's storyline so that I don't spoil anyone, but I will gush about all of the things I loved. As I mentioned already, I loved that it was in Ethan's POV. I think it's fantastic that we're getting to see more of the other Holloway pack members, and I love that we get to see it through their eyes rather than from someone who isn't in the pack because I'm just a huge fan of the dynamics and family quality between the entire pack. It's like we've already gotten to know the other characters through Jem and Sean, but now we get to see underneath the surface and get to know the real them...and I loved getting to see more of Ethan. He's a lot more self-deprecating than I expected, and he wasn't quite as invulnerable as he likes to project himself as. Ethan likes to project himself as a big tough guy, but he is so much more than that. We already knew that through Jem, but it was even better seeing it firsthand and I absolutely loved getting to experience Caged through him. I have to admit...I like him even more now, and I still think he's a total hottie. His lady is one lucky woman...I'm not even gonna tell you who his lady is because I want you to read it yourself to figure it out. ;D

Now that Caged is released...the eager wait for the next book, Unnatural, begins and I for one CANNOT wait to get to read another member of the pack's story. I love that the books are moving onto the other pack members, especially since we still get to see the other characters...I'm always a sucker for seeing past narrators in new books and I have no worries about not seeing the characters with this series, so I am one seriously happy fangirl. ;) haha

Overall, I absolutely loved Caged. It surpassed my expectations for what Ethan's story could be like, and I ended up loving the eldest Holloway brother even more. If you haven't started this series yet, you really need to. J.A. Belfield writes amazing werewolves and her books are full of romance, but are also shrouded in action. I also love that the stories are beginning to cover much more than just werewolves...I won't tell you too much, but with each book the supernatural world the Holloways and Larsens live in is getting much, much larger...and I for one am loving every minute of it. ;) J.A. Belfield also writes some seriously awesome female characters that don't just let the men do everything. They're fierce and fight for what they believe in! I'd recommend Caged, and the Holloway Pack series to werewolf fans who love romance, action and intriguing characters. I also think that you don't just have to be a werewolf fan to love this series. Everything about the series, from the writing to the characters and the stories themselves are just so well done, and J.A. Belfield writes with such passion that it's hard not to fall in love with her books. need to start this series now if you haven't already, you won't regret it! ;)