Drowning in You

Drowning in You - Rebecca Berto After first reading the description and seeing the gorgeous cover, I couldn't wait to read Drowning In You. I found it to be an enjoyable story, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I loved Dexter and Charlee, and I definitely liked their chemistry. While certain aspects of the story did leave me pretty confused, I think that this a New Adult story that many will enjoy.While I didn't love Drowning In You as much as I thought I would, I did really enjoy certain aspects of the story. Charlee's situation was pretty horrible. Her mother was dead and her father was in terrible shape, but I really thought that Charlee's reactions to the situation and the way that she was coping with it all were extremely well done. I also thought that her relationship with her brother was well developed and it made me feel a lot for the characters. I also enjoyed her attraction to Dex, but at times she left me confused. She'd say one thing and then say something completely contradictory immediately afterwards. All in all, I did like her as a character though, and I also absolutely loved Dex. I wasn't a fan of how he mistreated himself, but I still really liked him, and I liked that he had a lot of layers. The characters were my favourite part of this book, and I enjoyed reading from both of their perspectives.The overall story was pretty dramatic in the sense that both Charlee and Dexter were constantly denying that they were attracted to each other and were pretty much the only things standing in the way of their own relationship. I could understand both of their motivations for that though. Both of them were conflicted over the accident, but it did get to a point where enough was enough and they were kind of bouncing back and forth and just wouldn't make up their minds...and I was so glad once they finally did. :POverall, Drowning In You was an intense story. Both Charlee and Dexter had a lot to work out in their own lives and over the relationship they had with each other, and I enjoyed seeing them both mature throughout the book. While I did enjoy this story, I was often confused when scenes abruptly changed or when the timelines of certain aspects in the story just didn't fit. However, I still think that the characters were worth reading about, and I think that readers who enjoy stories that are heartfelt and emotional will like this one. :)