Ironskin - Wow! I didn't expect to get as hooked in the story as I did. I'd picked Ironskin up a while ago and had to stop reading it because of school so I was glad to finally get the chance to finish it, and I really enjoyed it! :D I loved the mystery aspect and I loved the whole fey and dwarvven mythologies interspersed throughout. Also, I expected this to be very similar to Jane Eyre because it's pitched that way but I think just referring to Ironskin as a retelling does it an injustice. The character names are similar yes and the main character's love interest is hiding a dark secret, but I felt that was where the similarities pretty much ended. Rather, I would refer to Ironskin as inspired by Jane Eyre, but in no way is it a straightforward retelling. Instead there are plot twists and mysteries to uncover that not all Jane Eyre fans would uncover, but trying to figure it all out is definitely part of the fun. :)I would definitely recommend Ironskin and I do think Jane Eyre fans will appreciate it if they're also fans of fantasy and paranormal stories. Also, I think that fans of gothic stories with tortured heroes and heroines will really enjoy it. :)