The Calling (Darkness Rising Series #2)

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong I absolutely love Kelley Armstrong's books, and The Calling is no exception! I loved that in this one, we got to know Maya more, and we got to be with her as the characters discovered more about what they are. I find the Darkness Rising trilogy to be an interesting contrast from the Darkest Powers trilogy because in that one, they all know what paranormal species they are....they might not all know it right away, but they all know what they are by the end of the first this series, there is a lot more mystery surrounding what they all are. The reader doesn't know either, as they're different species than the characters in the other trilogy, so it's like you're going with them on their journey to discover what they really are, and I love that! :D I also loved that we got to see Maya and Daniel in their element. They're awesome in the wilderness, and you really get to see that in this one, and it was really amazing to see! I love to see characters that aren't totally reliant on technology. :PI also absolutely loved how The Calling constantly kept me hooked! I took breaks while reading it, but I was constantly thinking about it, and was always ready to dive back into it! It's a nonstop action-packed read, and there really isn't a dull moment in this entire book! It makes me even more excited for the next one, The Rising, especially since you can tell the characters are going to be meeting up with the subjects from Project Genesis (i.e. Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori!) soon! I'm so excited for when the two groups meet up...I've really been missing my favourite werewolf! ;DAlong with the crazy action, and the hints of an impending unification of the two trilogies' characters, I loved the tension in this one! They're teenagers, so there are tonnes of different little blossoming romances. There are the obvious ones, and the hinted at ones, but my favourite is one that I'm really not expecting to work out, but I have hope that it will! I'm totally a fan of Daniel and Maya getting together! I just love them. They're best friends, and you can totally tell that he's in love with her...I think it's obvious to everyone but Maya! I like Rafe...but I really want her with Daniel. :P Fingers crossed that it somehow happens...or who knows, when they meet up with the others maybe he'll like Tori...that wouldn't be too bad. :P haha Any other Daniel fans out there??? I'm curious if I'm the only one. hahaThe Calling was amazing, but it definitely left off at a cliffhanger...which isn't too surprising for a middle book in a trilogy, especially the middle book in the middle trilogy of a trilogy of trilogies. haha I think there's supposed to be a third trilogy with all of the characters after this one anyway. At least that's what I've heard. Correct me if I've heard wrong though. ;) Anyway, I really love this trilogy, and I loved the Darkest Powers trilogy before that...I also love Kelley's adult series, so if you're looking for an awesome paranormal series to start, I'd definitely recommend this one! If you want to start the Darkness Rising trilogy, I would recommend reading the Darkest Powers first though. It isn't necessary, but it definitely would help you feel a little less lost. ;)