The Gathering (Darkness Rising Series #1)

The Gathering (Darkness Rising Series #1) - After hearing that Kelley would be writing a new YA Trilogy after the Darkest Powers, I wasn't sure what to expect, I was a little sad that I wouldn't get to read more about Chloe, and Derek, but I was excited for a new group of characters. I'm also pretty sure I read in a couple of places that Kelley plans on merging the two groups of characters in the future, and I am so excited for that! :DAnyways, onto my review for the Gathering. I absolutely loved it! I thought that the characters were fantastic, and completely different than the ones in the Darkest Powers (DP) trilogy, which probably made me like them more because they didn't remind me constantly of the others. :) Also, the characters were just plain awesome on their own. I thought the main character, Maya, was awesome, and her love of animals was something I could definitely relate to. Her best friend Daniel, I'm just gonna say "woof" and let you interpret it however you want. ;) But I will clarify that I want him for myself, not Maya. :P haha The other characters were awesome too, some were super mysterious. I won't say which ones though because when you read it, you'll know which ones soon enough. :PI loved that the setting and scenario were completely different from DP's, from big city to small town. As a side note, I'm from a small town and Salmon Creek made my small town seem huge. :P haha I think that fans of the Darkest Powers will definitely love this one, and I think they'll like that they already have some insider knowledge about some of what's going on. I'm not sure how someone new to Kelley's books would take it though, but I definitely think it's an amazing story that pulls you in and keeps your reading! :)