Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico I absolutely loved Croak! :D I'll admit, at first I had my doubts. The description sounded amazing, but in the first couple of chapters Lex isn't a very appealing narrator...but I'll let you know people, she gets better, and once you give the book a couple of chapters, her story is fantastic! :DI think you all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for romance, and I found Lex and Drigg's relationship to be so adorable! It wasn't the biggest part of the book...but I loved that it was there, and I also loved that their relationship wasn't just about romance, they were friends, too, and I found that to be pretty amazing in itself. I also loved their banter, and that instead of having them get together quickly, Gina Damico had the tension of it all stretch out...and when it finally was awesome! haha I loved them both separately, but I also loved them together. I loved that Lex was tough, and once she tamed down a bit, I found her to be an incredible narrator. She was sassy and hilarious. :) I really liked, actually loved, Driggs, too. He was so unique...seriously he's awesome, and I loved that he had a sweet tooth because I totally have a major sweet tooth, too! hahaWhile I kind of figured out this story as it went, and predicted some stuff pretty was one of those stories where I loved that I was able to predict stuff! I love when I guess how something is going to turn out and then have it all kind of fall into place. It's even better when I can figure out some, but not be sure of everything or how it will all happen, and that totally happened for me in Croak. I loved it because while I guessed at some big stuff, Gina Damico still kept me interested while dropping the hints that kind of let me figure things out without giving everything away...and those are my favourite types of hints! :DAlong with the awesome mystery plot going on, and the adorable romance, I loved the little details of Croak that just made it even more awesome! The town, Croak, was so well thought out! I loved all the little technologies they had that went along with being Grims (the jellyfish, the cases they used to catch the souls, and the scythes were amazing little details!), and how the buildings in the town and even characters had punny names...I'm a sucker for puns, so when Lex's uncle was a Grim Reaper named Mort, I found it hilarious! And the building were named things like the Crypt, and even the name of the town itself...Croak, hehe :D Oh how I love the puns! haha One of the things that I always like to read about in books involving death and Grim Reapers is the way that the afterlife is portrayed...and I loved how Gina Damico did it in Croak! It was so original, and fascinating! I also loved how notable people from the past popped up in the afterlife, like Edgar Allan Poe, and a bunch of the US presidents...they probably made up some of the most hilarious and entertaining portions of the book! haha I absolutely loved Croak! It is a fabulous debut, and incredibly entertaining! This book will have you constantly laughing, and you will seriously love it! At least I hope you do! It's a relatively short book, so why not give it a shot, especially if you love puns, adorable romances, hilarity, and, the sequel comes out soon, so you won't have to wait long for the next book! Yay! :D It will also pretty peak the interest of anyone who's a fan of books involving Grim Reapers! I completely recommend this's definitely one of my favourite books of 2012 so far! :D