Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram Just reread this one yesterday and today in anticipation for Serial Hottie, Kelly Oram's next book, and I loved it probably even more than I did the first time. :D I just love this story. :) Jamie isn't the most likeable person at least not in public, but as a reader, we know a little more than they do. She's been through so much, and she's turned herself into an Ice Queen to protect herself and others. I loved getting to see Ryan help crack the ice she'd encased herself in, and seeing her open up to him and others. I also loved getting to know Jamie as a reader. She's an amazing heroine, and she's so well-rounded. She's definitely one of my favourite heroines...and I meant that in the actual heroic sense. ;DPlus, I just plain loved Ryan! He's adorable, and such an amazing guy. It's so nice to see a love interest who's sweet, and caring, and always positive...optimism is very attractive, especially on Ryan. ;) haha I also loved when he and Jamie were together. They're such an amazing pair. :DOverall, I think that Being Jamie Baker is an amazing story, and it's one that I would definitely recommend! :D It's also available as an ebook now, so it's super easy to get a copy! If you like fun stories with amazing characters, you'll love this one, especially if you're a sucker for sweet and charismatic love interests that just won't give up. ;D