Enshadowed (Nevermore)

Enshadowed  - Kelly Creagh Ugh...I can't even rate this one right now. I'm going to wait a while and come back to it because it just left me so conflicted. I absolutely LOVE Kelly Creagh's writing style, but I have serious issues with this book...*sigh* I'm just so upset right now...seriously, after the cliffhanger in Nevermore I expected to at least have something satisfying happen in Enshadowed, but nope...not really. Instead we're left with an even worse cliffhanger and have to wait even longer for the next book. Hopefully after I've taken a step back I can see it in a better light, but right now I just kind of feel ripped off. I haven't suffered from disliking a middle book in a trilogy for a while...but this one pretty much makes me think of that stereotypical middle-book syndrome. All filler, no substance. I still plan to read the third book because the story itself really is fascinating and the writing is wonderful...plus, since it's the final book in a trilogy, something concrete actually has to happen. :P