Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls When I first started reading Secret for a Song, I found it really hard to relate to Saylor. She purposefully made herself sick...and I just honestly didn't understand why someone would ever want to do that to themselves. I don't know about you, but I personally HATE being sick...and Saylor honestly ENJOYED being sick and making herself sick. That being said, I slowly started to understand Saylor better, and could at least get why she would want to hurt herself in that way...but I have to admit, I would never want to do any of that stuff myself. :PWhile Saylor was definitely different than myself, she really grew on me. When she becomes friends with the other young adults in the support group for those with terminal illnesses, she comes out of her shell and to me it seemed like she started to actually like herself, which made it easy to like her, too. I actually really liked Saylor by the end of Secret for a Song, and while her story doesn't have a perfect happy ending, I did love it, and I absolutely loved reading it.Saylor may not have a terminal illness, but it does take her a lot to finally deal with her Munchhausen Syndrome. She does eventually acknowledge her illness, but it isn't until she becomes friends with Drew and the others that she actually faces her disease and sees it as just that...a disease that she actually wants to overcome. I loved seeing Saylor get to know those in the support group, and while I didn't like that she was lying to them, I did understand her reasoning and I loved the friendships that developed. I also loved her interactions with Drew. :DOverall, I loved Secret for a Song. It's a complex story, and it deals with some very realistic matters, and handles them in a true-to-life way. This book does not end with a cliche happy ending, and while part of me always wishes for a happy ending for the characters I love, I found this ending to be refreshing and heartrendingly real...and in the case of Secret for a Song, I really appreciated and loved that. I think that those who enjoy contemporary reads with serious subject matter would enjoy this one, especially if you like books that touch your emotions and handle life in a realistic way.