Impossible (With Me, #1)

Impossible (With Me, #1) - Komal Kant Impossible was a quick read for me, and I enjoyed it. :)While I did enjoy Impossible, there were a couple of things that I think could've been done differently. First, I would have preferred that this book had been written in third person rather than first. I felt that first person made both Luca and Ashton seem very shallow, and it made it harder to like them...especially Ashton. Second, I wish that the topic of bullying had been handled better. Ashton was a horrible bully at the beginning of this book, and she never really realized how wrong it was. Her change from mean girl to nice girl was so sudden that you didn't even get to see her realize the mistakes she'd made. I wish that the author had paid more attention to that, and made Ashton's realization that things were wrong more noticeable because it was really glossed over.The thing I enjoyed about this book was the rekindled friendship between Luca and Ashton. I loved getting to see them become friends again and to see them heal the wounds that they had from their past when their friendship first ended. I do wish that we'd gotten more focus on emotions rather than their sexual attraction for one another though....the focus on their attraction just kind of made their relationship seem a bit shallow. I did really enjoy their relationships with their families though. Both of their mothers were kind of absorbed in their own problems, but I really liked that Ashton and Luca were both close to their moms, and I loved Ash's relationship with her little brother, Blake. :DAshton was a horrible character at the beginning, and I didn't really like that at all...I'm not a fan of bullies, and I find it hard to sympathize with them. I did like Ash by the end of the story though, but I wish that she'd had some actual substance in her thoughts from the beginning. That would have made her transition into someone nice much more believable, but I did still enjoy her near the end. :) Luca was definitely the more enjoyable character out of the two. He was funny, and was so passionate about his music. :) He was definitely a flawed character, too, and I wasn't too happy with him at the end, but Ash took one for the team and was the mature one in their relationship at the end. :POverall, it was a short, quick read, and I did like it. I liked seeing the main characters change and getting to see them bond with one another. As I mentioned, there were a few things I think could've been improved, but it was a good story when you just want something quick to read. The bigger issues aren't really dwelt on, so it works as a light read, too. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes characters that are very different, but fall for each other anyway...and if you're a fan of romances coming out of rekindled friendships you'll probably enjoy this one.