Blue Moon

Blue Moon - J.A. Belfield Once again, J.A. Belfield has blown me away! I absolutely LOVED Blue Moon! I loved that you get to see Jem as a member of the Holloway Pack, and that you get to see her with Sean! :D I also really enjoyed seeing her interactions with the other Pack members. :)My one piece of advice about this book not start it when you have no time to read it! You will not want to put it down, so you'll be in trouble. :P From the moment this book starts, you will want to keep reading, so don't say I didn't warn you. :PAlong with how addictive this story was, I really enjoyed the plot. I wasn't expecting it to go the way that it did, but once Jem started having her did I! I must admit, I figured it out first, but that's probably because I know her some of her past better than she does from reading the novella from her past life with Sean. :P It was awesome having certain bits from the novellas fall into place in this story though...I liked getting to see Jem figure things out and remember memories that we readers got to experience firsthand in the novellas! It was awesome! :DAnother thing that I loved about this one was Jem's relationship with her Pack. Of course, I loved all of her moments with Sean! I'm a huge Sean fangirl, so I'm always happy to get some time with him through Jem. :P I also loved seeing her tease Nathan and Ethan, and how close she was to Josh, and while she wasn't quite as close with the others, I liked that she did have a pretty close connection to them. I hope to get to see more of the Pack interaction in upcoming books! :DOther random awesomeness includes Jem's sister, Jess, having a bigger role! I'm really looking forward to having Jess more involved in the series...and Blue Moon hinted that she will continue to play a role...I'm thinking in future book's this role may fit in with Ethan. ;) *hint, hint* I may be wrong though...but either way, those two would make a sexy couple. Ethan himself is pretty sexy...*sigh* he's my favourite...other than Sean that is! hahaAnyway, Blue Moon was fantastic! As always, J.A. Belfield's writing captured me and kept me enthralled until the very last page...and I'll be waiting for the next Holloway Pack story anxiously and excitedly!!! Overall, I'd recommend this series to any werewolf fans, especially if you like hot guys (and who doesn't really :P), and if you like feisty heroines who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty! :D