Serial Hottie

Serial Hottie - Kelly Oram I'm a huge fan of mysteries (as long as they aren't of the thriller variety ---that stuff is just too real for me :P), and Serial Hottie made me remember exactly why that is. I love to be enthralled in a story, and with mysteries, it's hard not to be. You're driven to figure out who's the killer; it keeps you on your toes, and it definitely keeps you reading. Serial Hottie definitely did that! Not only was it an amazing mystery, but the mystery was also perfectly balanced with romance and a touch of comedy. :DEllie was a fantastic main character. She was a tomboy, but throughout the book she came into herself. She realized that although she liked being friends with the boys and playing hockey and everything with them, she didn't have to let that stop her from being a bit more girly. It was incredibly interesting seeing Ellie go from a total tomboy to being finagled by her sister into dressing up to actually wanting to be more feminine...and when she found a balance that she was happy with, I was ecstatic for her. :) I also loved her developing relationship with her sister, and of course, her relationship with Seth...the neighbour across the street who she at one point believes is a serial killer. Now I won't tell you if she changes her mind, or when she convinces herself of all that, but I will tell you that hilarity ensues and so does some major awkward and awesomeness. :PI loved the story itself. Kelly Oram did a fantastic job laying this whole story on the line. She unveils the mystery at a delectable pace, and keeps the reader guessing as to who the killer is. Is it actually Seth, the boy across the street? Or someone else entirely?'s actually...come on? You didn't really think I'd tell you, did you? :P No, instead, I'm going to suggest that you get yourself a copy of Serial Hottie, and find out about the mystery yourself...and while you're trying to figure it out, you can enjoy Ellie's story. It's hilarious, at times very endearing...and most of all, it's endlessly entertaining and a thoroughly enjoyable read.Once again, Kelly Oram has written a fantastic story, and just like I was with her first book, Being Jamie Baker, I was hooked on Serial Hottie, too. :) I'd recommend checking them both out if you like funny YA books with enjoyable main characters, and also if you like love interests that are unique and not at all typical. :)