Fitzwilliam Darcy; Rock Star

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star - Heather Lynn Rigaud Wowza! I loved this one! Mr. Darcy as a rock star is mighty mighty attractive, and I loved how Heather Lynn Rigaud set it all up. She changed certain things to make it fit better with modern times, but I loved certain things that she kept. I especially loved how it ended up for Charlotte...I'm glad she wasn't doomed to be with Mr. Collins (hope that doesn't spoil it for anyone about that aspect, but I'm sure any P & P fans will be glad to hear that. :P). Overall, this was an addictive read, and I seriously didn't want to put it down...which explains why I read it in a day instead. :P Pride and Prejudice with rock stars totally works, just saying. ;)