Paradise 21 (New Dawn)

Paradise 21 - Aubrie Dionne I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Paradise 21. I knew it wasn't going to have Earth as its setting, and that somehow Aries was going to meet a handsome man named Striker. I knew these things from the blurb on Goodreads, but they didn't prepare me for this all! Instead, I was wowed by a book that was way more than I expected. I expected to like it obviously, or I wouldn't have signed up to read it for a blog tour, but I definitely didn't expect to get as wrapped up in this story as I did. When I finished Paradise 21, I was honestly upset that it was over...I was like "I want to more!!!" :PNow that I have professed my love for this book, it's time for some details. The characters were fantastic. Aries was amazing! The fact that she'd grown up on a ship where they basically discouraged any type of original thought didn't deter her at all. She was amazing; smart, determined, thrifty, and selfless when those that she loved were at risk. I have to admit, I love seeing heroines who use their heads, and when they don't like what it's saying, they follow their heart. Then there was Striker...oh my, my, my. If I ever try and land on a strange planet from my cramped life on a spaceship, I hope I find a space pirate like I know what you're thinking, "That won't happen...seriously...ever!" And, you know what, you're right! It won't, but a girl can dream, can't she? :P Along with Striker and Aries, were Barliss, Aries' betrothed, Tiff and Drifter, Striker's ex-crewmates, and a few newbies thrown in. I'll admit, I was not a fan of Barliss. He was heartless, and was willing to do anything to get his way. He was basically a 40-something bully who was doing it all in the name of the cause. Tiff and Drifter, were also pretty selfish. They staged a mutiny on Striker, and abandoned him on Sahara 354...which I guess turned out alright, since that's where he met Aries. ;) I also really liked Loot, who was rescued by Tiff when he was little, he was just so darn sweet, and so loyal. :)I thought the story itself was fantastic! Aubrie did a fantastic job crafting the world of Paradise 21. I felt it was realistic, and it the perfect amount of descriptive. Hopefully you understand what I mean by that. haha I'll clear it up though, just in case. By saying Paradise 21 was the perfect amount of descriptive, I mean that it wasn't overly descriptive, which frankly bores me after a while, or not descriptive enough. It was just right. I felt like I could actually picture the world around Striker, and Aries, and it was as if I was really there.Along with the characters, and descriptions, I loved the romance of this story. I was definitely a fan of Striker and Aries, and I loved them together. The whole concept of choice was huge in Paradise 21, too. It made a big impact on me. Aries grew up on the New Dawn, where everything was chosen for her. Her job, her husband, and all other choices were decided for her based on the fact that they had an obligation to pass on their unique genetic code. Their whole lives were lived as machines basically, and their main operative was to mate, and pass on their DNA so that a generation in the future would reach the ship's destination, Paradise 21. I loved that Aries was fighting so hard to have choices, and that she was so passionate about being able to have them at all, it was kind of inspiring, and makes you think about how we kind of take the fact that we have choices for granted. Ergo, I loved that Paradise 21 made me think, and examine my own choices. It's always nice when a book blows away your expectations...and Paradise 21 definitely blew mine out of the water...or should I say into outer space. ;)