To See (What You See is What You Get)

To See (What You See is What You Get) - Nicole Zoltack To See is the second eBook in the What You See Is What You Get Series. After reading Seeing For the First Time, I was anxious to read about what would happen to Ana next, and To See takes off right where the first part of the story left off. In this series, each Seer can see one type of paranormal being, and only one type. For example, Ana's grandmother can see fairies, while other Seers can see creatures like unicorns, werewolves, or selkies.Once Ana gets back, she tells her Gram about what she can see and goes to the Eye Building to register herself as a seer and to let them know what she can see. Ana's family is quite well known, and we got a taste of some of their renown when she went to the building, and while she's there she also meets a boy named Eric, he knows a lot more about Seers than she does, and I have a feeling that their partnership will end up being similar to that of her parents. ;)I thought that To See was a great continuation from Seeing For the First Time, it was a quick read, and I really liked Eric. I can't wait to see what crazy situations he and Ana get into!