Relatively Famous

Relatively Famous - Jessica Park This was an amazing and an adorable story. It was fast-paced, with some wonderful characters. It was just the book I needed right now. For Dani it was perpetually sunny in California and right now for me I'm seeing snow. I loved how Jessica added elements of Hollywood and LA that we all associate with movie stars and other celebrities. The paparazzi, the restaurants where they get 'spotted', the agents, the parties...I was swept up in the LA lifestyle just as much as Dani was, although I may have realized she was being bratty a little earlier that she did. The characters were remarkable. Dani was down-to-earth, relateable, and incredibly persistent. Even though I know my father and he most certainly is not famous, I could sympathize with the things she was going through. I thought she was a fantastic main character. Mark, oh that Mark Ocean, I would have thought he was dreamy had I not been reading it from his daughter's perspective. Shallow at first, he grew on me. Even when before Dani arrived I sympathized with Mark, and I loved going along with him through his transformation.This story was told in alternating perspectives, which I honestly wasn't expecting, at first it was kind of different, but I loved it the more I read. You get to see Dani and Mark's sides, it's like knowing both sides of a story at the same time, which you don't see very often.Not only was this story filled with an incredible journey between a father and daughter, it also had boys, which I will never complain about. It was hilarious too, I was cracking up over the joking in this story more than once, I loved Dani's sense of humor. It was also an emotional journey, and I teared up and shed some tears multiple times.The ending seemed a little rush, but it was so adorable that I didn't really mind. Although I could have done with a little more of ______ at the end. (I'm leaving that a blank so that if you read it I don't ruin it :P )I loved this story, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a great story because that's exactly what this is.