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I'm Ambur, and I'm an avid reader with an eclectic taste! You can usually find me reading YA, MG, a romance, or a classic. I also love music, TV, and movies. I'm also addicted to Game of Thrones, and am eagerly awaiting the Veronica Mars Movie! :D


Playing the Field: A Diamonds and Dugouts Novel


I haven't kept my love of sports romances a secret, so it should come as no surprise that when I read the blurb for Playing the Field...I knew that I absolutely had to read it! :D I really enjoyed it, and I think I've definitely found another new sports romance author to keep my eye on...and I'll be going back to read the first book in this series as soon as I can!


All in all, I thought that Playing the Field was great. JP though, he was AMAZING....boy was he ever. JP and fantastic, sexy, male leads just like him are the reason that I enjoy this sub-genre of romance so very much. He was a cocky guy, so sexy and he knew it (haha)...yes, but he definitely had a good head on his shoulders, and he was so thoughtful. I pretty much fell for him right from the start...I don't know how Sonny held out for so long. :P haha I liked Sonny, but she did frustrate me and her reluctance to hear JP out kind of held me back at times during this book, but in the end she made me proud. :) I absolutely adored the two of them together, and once you added in Sonny's son Charlie, they made an awesome trio. I also enjoyed JP's budding relationship with Charlie, and all of the friendships in this book, I especially loved getting to see JP and his teammates interact. I thought Jennifer Seasons did a great job writing friendships and with the way that she developed relationships, too. I definitely got attached to the characters and their lives very quickly!


Overall, I thought that Playing the Field was a fantastic sports romance, and I absolutely loved JP. For the most part, I loved Sonny, too, but I did feel like she overreacted a bit and kind of just expected JP to be the one to fix everything...or she was just gonna let it all fall apart, ignore it, and go back to the way things were pre-JP...thankfully, he didn't let that happen. :P Even with Sonny being silly at times, I was still rooting for her and JP to work everything out, for the two of them, but also for Charlie's sake. I loved how he was getting closer to JP, and I thought it was amazing to see the three of them open up to each other. I'd recommend this one to other sports romance fans out there, and to any fans of romance who like seeing two great people find love...especially if you like hunky, wonderful male leads. ;)

Over the Rainbow


I have been intrigued with Over the Rainbow ever since I heard about its Kickstarter campaign and helped back it...and now that I've read it, I have to say that it was pretty amazing, and I am definitely proud to have helped Brian Rowe get Zippy's story out into the world. Not only did this story broach the subject of homophobia and the heinous idea that someone can be "straightened out" as Zippy's dad put it, it also just told a wonderful story about overcoming obstacles, adversity, and finding the one you love.


I absolutely loved Over the Rainbow. The characters were wonderful, and I loved the parallels between it and the Wizard of Oz. Zippy's friends were all clearly in homage to the group that Dorothy has with her in. Frankie = Scarecrow, Mr. Balm = The Tinman, Elle = The Cowardly Lion, Judy = Toto and I also presumed that the dog alluded to the wonderful Judy Garland as well, and of course, Zippy acts as Dorothy and her father as the Wicked Witch of the West. I loved that the characters shared similarities with those in the Wizard of Oz, but I also loved that they fully became characters of their own and I loved the relationships that they all had with Zippy. I also enjoyed Zippy and Mira's relationship. I loved getting to read their email exchanges and I won't tell you if they actually meet up because that's totally a spoiler...but I will say that this book definitely does have a happy ending, so that may give you a hint about all that. ;)


Overall, I thought that Over the Rainbow was a truly wonderful story. I also appreciated Brian Rowe's efforts to get it out there! There really aren't many stories with lesbian main characters, and I may not be a lesbian myself, but I really don't think having a different sexual orientation from the narrator will hinder readers in any way, and it really shouldn't. Zippy isn't a stereotype, and she isn't defined by her sexual orientation...she's just herself, and she's trying to be happy, and to be happy she needs to be with the girl she loves, even if her father thinks the fact that she loves girls is a complete blasphemy.


Over the Rainbow is set in 1999 (for the most part, it also has several flashbacks that go further back), but I think that the different reactions to both Zippy and Frankie's sexual orientation are definitely authentic, and I like to think that we have come some way from there...and hopefully, with fantastic books like this, those that might think poorly on others based on their sexual orientation will finally see that who we love and are attracted to shouldn't be what defines us, and it really shouldn't be something that we judge each other for. We're all people who deserve to be treated with kindness, equality, and allowed the freedoms and rights that we all have been granted thanks to the people who have come before us.


I would recommend Over the Rainbow to anyone who enjoys a story that deals with overcoming obstacles to reach someone you love with the help of your friends. I also think fans of the Wizard of Oz who like quirky narrators, or people who like journeys and stories about friendship will enjoy this one. Also as I mentioned, the narrator is a lesbian in this book, so I definitely have to mention that anyone looking for interesting stories dealing with overcoming judgement and facing adversity because of sexual orientation will like this. Plus...there are dinosaurs, and some pretty trippy Alice in Wonderland-like moments, which I thought were pretty awesome. I loved it though, and I hope that you give it the chance and that you love it, too!

If I could read all day, I seriously would. :P

Vader's Little Princess (Star Wars (Chronicle))

Vader's Little Princess - Jeffrey Brown I absolutely loved this picture book! It was cute, funny, and it put a huge smile on my face! I'll definitely be sharing this one with friends. :)

And this is one of the reasons why I know everything will always get better...and even if something bad happens, it isn't the end of the world and something better is just around the corner. <3

New: BookLikes Giveaways

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GiveawaysBookLikes Giveaways are officially open. Now you can not only shelve and review books on BookLikes, you can actually share and give them away!


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The entrance to Giveaways is on Dashboard in right column - soon will be moving it on the upper tool bar so stay tuned.


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Darth Vader and Son (Star Wars (Chronicle))

Darth Vader and Son - Jeffrey Brown I don't get myself many picture books, but I just had to get this one, and I am so glad I did! It's adorable, funny, and just absolutely enjoyable to read! I bought this one for myself, but if I ever have kids, I'll definitely be showing them this one. ;D

Sinfully Summer

Sinfully Summer - Aimee Duffy Sinfully Summer sounded like the perfect summer romance, and I definitely can't resist a good summer fling...so I jumped at the chance to read it, and I really enjoyed it! It wasn't quite as light, and breezy as I expected, but it was a wonderful story and Ric and Alexa's story was just what I needed during the bout of rain we've been having lately! It made me laugh, and it definitely made me smile!The main characters, Ric and Alexa, had some seriously steamy chemistry, and while they constantly argued...I actually really enjoyed their back-and-forth bantering, especially when it got a bit heated. They also really complimented each other well. Ric had a really rough past and he needed Alexa's fun side to help him loosen up. I wasn't a fan of Ric always getting so angry with Alexa...but she pretty much got angry with him just as often. It may have had more to do with their unresolved sexual tension though because they didn't argue nearly as much later in the story.I absolutely loved that Aimee Duffy chose to have both of the main characters' POVs in the story. It helped explain the characters' motivations, and allowed us to see just how hard it was for them to resist their attraction.It also allowed us to see that even when he was acting tough...Ric had a softer side. I also just loved Alexa, she was so spirited and feisty, and I loved her for it!Overall, Sinfully Summer was a wonderful romance with two fantastic characters! They may have butted heads, and you might get a bit frustrated with them at times, but through it all, you will be cheering and just hoping that they get their happy ending...and you will absolutely love experiencing it all with them! I'd recommend Sinfully Summer to those who enjoy summer romances that aren't just flings...and also to those who love dark, mysterious (and slightly angry) leading men and feisty leading ladies!
Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines ;D
Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines ;D

Are you having a bad day, bad morning, bad anything?


I think these pickup lines from Game of Thrones will help cheer you up!




And don't forget to repeat them to your GoT-loving friends...all of my friends who like GoT, too, got a real kick out of these. ;D haha

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!!
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!!

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for this movie? I finally read the books...and I can't wait!!! :D And I totally want one of these Camp Half-Blood t-shirts!!! :D My final comment...I just love Logan Lerman! ;D haha

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"A book a day keeps reality away."

Breathe (Sea Breeze)

Breathe - Abbi Glines Abso-freaking-lutely loved this one!!! :D I'm so glad that I preordered the rest of the books currently in this series because I can't wait to read them! :D I loved Sadie and I completely fell for Jax right alongside her...I'm so glad that I finally read this one because I've really been missing out! :D

Wowza...this edit is gorgeous!!!! :D


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