Sinfully Summer

Sinfully Summer - Aimee Duffy Sinfully Summer sounded like the perfect summer romance, and I definitely can't resist a good summer I jumped at the chance to read it, and I really enjoyed it! It wasn't quite as light, and breezy as I expected, but it was a wonderful story and Ric and Alexa's story was just what I needed during the bout of rain we've been having lately! It made me laugh, and it definitely made me smile!The main characters, Ric and Alexa, had some seriously steamy chemistry, and while they constantly argued...I actually really enjoyed their back-and-forth bantering, especially when it got a bit heated. They also really complimented each other well. Ric had a really rough past and he needed Alexa's fun side to help him loosen up. I wasn't a fan of Ric always getting so angry with Alexa...but she pretty much got angry with him just as often. It may have had more to do with their unresolved sexual tension though because they didn't argue nearly as much later in the story.I absolutely loved that Aimee Duffy chose to have both of the main characters' POVs in the story. It helped explain the characters' motivations, and allowed us to see just how hard it was for them to resist their attraction.It also allowed us to see that even when he was acting tough...Ric had a softer side. I also just loved Alexa, she was so spirited and feisty, and I loved her for it!Overall, Sinfully Summer was a wonderful romance with two fantastic characters! They may have butted heads, and you might get a bit frustrated with them at times, but through it all, you will be cheering and just hoping that they get their happy ending...and you will absolutely love experiencing it all with them! I'd recommend Sinfully Summer to those who enjoy summer romances that aren't just flings...and also to those who love dark, mysterious (and slightly angry) leading men and feisty leading ladies!