Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail Short

Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail Short - Kira Snyder With each book I just come to love the Parish Mail series more and more...and Season's Greetings was no exception! It may be just a Parish Mail "short" but it packed quite a punch and delivered one seriously heartwarming story, and I loved every second of it...especially the romantic moments, I was a sucker for those. ;D

Just as with the first two books, I absolutely loved Celia. She's such a genuine character, and I honestly wish she was real just so I could be her friend...not only is she totally awesome at solving crime, she's just an all-around great person. It's so nice to see a heroine who is so resoundingly likeable. I love getting to experience the series through her, and I definitely love getting to pick her choices through Coliloquy's active fiction features. I also have to admit that I totally enjoy all three of Celia's love interests, although I definitely have my favourite, Donovan,..and my least favourite, Luc,...and I have the one that I just really enjoy her interactions with, Sloan, although I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen there, but I wouldn't mind it if it did. :P I have to admit that he is pretty alluring, and his interactions with Celia just totally crack me. I absolutely adore Donovan though, he's just such a great guy, but he's also got a bit of a bad side, too. *dreamy sigh*

Anywho, I'm getting off topic because of love interests, but I just have to say that I absolutely loved Season's Greetings. It was a fantastic addition to the series, and I loved that even though it was a novella, it still felt like a fully flushed out book in the series to me. I also just really enjoyed that in this short we got to see a really happy time for these characters. It was nice to see Celia handling a "case" that wasn't so dark and depressing...I mean, I totally love those ones, too, since they're super intense, but it is a happy time of year with Christmas, Hanukkah, and so many other wonderful religious holidays, so it was really nice to see that goodwill permeate this story as well. I also just loved getting to see Celia with her friends, not just Donovan (:P), but Tilly, too, and I really enjoyed her interactions with her family, especially her grandfather, they were such sweet moments!

I loved Season's Greetings, and cannot wait for the next installment in the Parish Mail series! I hope that if you give this series a shot, that you love it as much as I do. :D