Peter Pan & Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan & Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens - J.M. Barrie, Arthur Rackham I have loved and always will love Peter Pan! I've always been a fan of the story and especially love any and all versions of it on film, but this is my first time reading the story and I loved it! I skipped "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" though...what I read was pretty dry and just rambled on, but Peter Pan was extraordinary! :D I also just have to say that part of me will alway hold a torch for Peter and Wendy to end up together...even though Peter won't grow up....if only! Wouldn't it be darling (haha see what I did there :p) if they had a family and all flew to Neverland! If anyone could fly as an adult, it would be Peter. ;) haha

I loved the book though and I definitely recommend it to other Peter Pan fans. Hopefully you'll love it, too!