Dreamland - Sarah Dessen I'm really not even sure how to feel after reading this one. It's so different from any of the other Sarah Dessen books that I've ever read...and I just don't even know! I did like it, and it actually really affected me, but I'm still not sure. This book actually has me pretty wound up. It made me sad to be honest, and I'm just so sad for the poor main character, Caitlin. I doubt I would do anything that she did in her position, but Sarah Dessen managed to write Dreamland in a way where despite the fact that I wouldn't do any of it...I could still sympathize. I could still understand how she got there, and why she just couldn't get herself out of it. It doesn't change the fact that it made me incredibly sad though. Honestly, this rating could go up a star in a day or two, this is the kind of book that I feel like you have to sit on for a while and that your feelings towards it may change day-to-day. Okay...nevermind day-to-day, it changes second-to-second. I've already bumped it up a star just sitting here writing down my thoughts. :P I think that while the subject is a tad dark, and that this story is quite a bit different than Dessen's other books, that it's definitely one people would enjoy. This is not the kind of book you read if you want a light romance that is all sweet nothings and breathless kisses, but it is one that you should read when you want to be moved. This book will lift you up, knock you down, and then put you back together...just as Caitlin goes through the same thing. It's also the kind of book you could read when you want to cry because I certainly cried while reading this. I cried for Caitlin and I cried for girls like her. Such a moving story, and I'd definitely recommend it.