Game. Set. Match. (Outer Banks Tennis Academy)

Game. Set. Match. - Jennifer Iacopelli I don't play a lot of sports, but I do enjoy watching them sometimes (not always though :P), and I absolutely love sports romances. Game. Set. Match. isn't like the other sports books I've read though. It's a New Adult for one thing, and the girls happen to be athletes are their love interests, but really, the tennis is pretty much all about the girls...and I absolutely loved that! So many romances involving sports focus on the male as the athlete, so it's really refreshing to get to have the female leads as athletes! :DI guess a lot of readers have been declaring their "teams" based on their favourite characters and such in their reviews, but I have a hard time choosing! Game. Set. Match. features three lovely ladies: Indy, Jasmine and Penny...and I loved Indy and Penny right from the start ! Jas took a while to grow on me, but by the end, I loved her, too. :D They're all such vibrant characters, and they're so driven that it's hard not to admire them. I also adored their love interests...and was so relieved that their weren't any love triangles!!! It's really nice to get to see all three girls interested in different guys (I'm not going to name them because I think you'll enjoy getting to meet the girls' love interests more if I don't tell you), it would've been weird to read both their points of view if they did like the same one. :PSo, I loved the characters, and I loved the tennis, and I really enjoyed how the story was set up. At times you would get multiple characters' points of view on one day, but at others, it focused on just one, and I thought that Jennifer Iacopelli did a fantastic job at balancing out each girl's portion of the story. :D I loved the competition between the girls and the budding friendships. I also adored the developing romances, and the drama involved was definitely fitting to their situations...and left me just as frustrated as the characters themselves were. :POverall, I loved Game. Set. Match. and I can't wait to read the next book in this series! :D I'd recommend it to fans of stories with great characters, and I think that even if you aren't into sports, or tennis specifically, that you'll still enjoy this one. The characters are so real, and I think that each girl is appealing in their own way, and together they create one amazing story! I definitely can't wait for the sequel because I NEED more...more Indy, more Jasmine, more Penny, more boys...just more of this story because it was fantastic!! I always wanted to learn how to play tennis when I was younger...and after reading this, I may just have to actually try it out. ;) Seriously though, give this one a shot, I think it's one that a lot of readers will enjoy. :D