Things I Can't Forget

Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally While Kate was very different from Parker (Stealing Parker) and Jordan (Catching Jordan), I still really liked her! I've already seen reviews that call her judgmental and they say that they didn't like her, and I'll agree that she was definitely judgmental, but it didn't stop me from enjoying her character or her story.In fact, her being judgmental was one of those character flaws that made me enjoy her more, and while at times it had me wanting to rip my hair out or made me want to shake her, Kate's judgey attitude made me sympathize with her....I sympathized with her because she had people telling her over and over that she was judgmental, but she didn't even realize she was doing it. Her background had instilled certain beliefs that she just assumed were the right ones. That made me want to give her a hug and a nice talking to (note, not a stern one :P). Once she realized she was doing it, and that she wasn't always right, she was open to accepting things that she hadn't before, and I loved that about her. It's always nice when people are willing to change. :)Along with Kate's amazing growth throughout Things I Can't Forget, I loved the other characters. That was one of the best parts of this book. I loved getting to see characters from the previous to books pop up. Both Jordan and Parker appear in this one, and I really enjoyed their interactions with Kate. It makes me even more exited for future novels in this series where we'll get to see what the previous protagonists are up to! :DI've already gushed about loving the fact that Parker and Harper are in this one, but I also just loved the friendship in Things I Can't Forget. I loved seeing Kate getting to know people once she gave them a chance, and I really enjoyed her relationship with Matt, both as just a friend and in a more romantic sense. They had amazing banter, and were so adorable together. :DBrace comes the major gushing! I just thought this book was amazing! I loved every single moment of it. I loved Kate's growth. I loved the romance, the banter, and I really enjoyed the friendships. :) That's one of my favourite aspects of Miranda Kenneally's Hundred Oaks's not just about the boys (although they are pretty great :P), it's about the friendships--both the friendships between the main character and her love interest, and their friendships with others. As I've mentioned before, I'm also absolutely loving that the characters from the earlier books are becoming so important in the newer ones!Overall, I absolutely loved Things I Can't Forget! I'm excitedly awaiting all future books in the Hundred Oaks series because I absolutely adore Miranda Kenneally's writing style, and with each book I grow to love it (and her characters) more and more! :D