Easy - Tammara Webber Over the past couple of months I've heard amazing things about Easy, so when I saw it in Kobo's online bookstore...I couldn't resist buying myself a copy, and I am so glad that I did! :D Easy was amazing! I absolutely loved Jacqueline (don't call her Jackie :P), and I really enjoyed her blossoming relationship with Lucas...oh, Lucas. I loved him, too. :D I especially loved that while this book largely focused on the romance between the two of them, it wasn't just about romance. Easy was so much more than I expected it to be. It was about finding strength, and being able to move on from things- from breakups, to really really terrible things that happened in the past, and I thought that the author, Tammara Webber, did a fantastic job covering such serious subjects. Nothing was pushed under the rug, and I really respected that. I also absolutely loved that even minor characters that were barely in the story were such pillars of strength. It's great to see literature that borders the line between YA and new adult that covers such serious topics, but doesn't become buried underneath them. Easy is a perfect balance. It's light-hearted at times, but serious when it needs to be. It's also great to see a story with such an amazing main character. As the story progressed, Jacqueline really came into herself, and I loved how she went from not wanting to doing things on her own after her breakup to being so strong, and to standing up for herself! She really made me proud, and I loved seeing her grow. :) I fully recommend Easy to anyone who loves a good romance, because it definitely has a good...no, actually, it has an amazing romance, but I also recommend it to anyone who wants a love story that's not all about love. It's nice to read fluffy romances sometimes, but if you're in need of a deeper story with amazing characters with a lot of growth, Easy is perfect for you...especially if you like characters that move you enough to make you smile, laugh, and rejoice with them. :)