Sweet Venom (Sweet Venom Series #1)

Sweet Venom (Sweet Venom Series #1) - Holy Goalie! Did I ever love this book! :D haha and if you can't tell I also love Tera's different slangs. I loved how Grace said, "Holy Goalie!" and how Gretchen would say, "Hades" instead of Hell. :P It's such a small thing, but so adorable! :DI've been wanting to read a Tera Lynn Childs book for so long now, and I'm so glad that I got the chance to read this one because I absolutely loved it! I love mythology, and I love when authors go all out and take a small element of myth and turn in into a fabulous story of their own, and Tera definitely did that. Medusa isn't a huge part of mythology, and I always felt like she got a bad rap. Before Perseus kills her she's actually raped by Poseidon...but does anyone feel bad for her...no! Instead Athena gets pissed off and curses her with her reptilian hair because said rape happens in one of her temples...isn't that horrible?! Anyways...now that you all know that poor Medusa was a victim...and not really the bad guy that everyone insisted she was, you're in a great mindset for this book...and at the moment, this review. ;PIn Sweet Venom, Gretchen, Grace, and Greer discover that they're all descendants of Medusa, destined to protect our world from the monsters who come through from their dimension. I loved this idea! The idea that Medusa wasn't evil, as I mentioned with her myth before, really appealed to me, and I loved that Tera took her story in a different way and made her someone who was misunderstood rather than the big villain. I loved Grace and Gretchen...Greer was alright, but she was kind of stuck-up...I choose to blame her parents for that though. :P haha I also loved Milo and Nick...cute boys just always make a book better, and I happened to love these two. ;) Grace's brother, Thane was awesome, too! He didn't say much...reminded me of my brother in that way. :P lolMy favourite part of this book was Grace discovering what she was. Her training with Gretchen was awesome, and I loved learning about their different abilities while she did. I also loved getting to see Gretchen be all hardcore, and the way that the relationship between Grace and Gretchen evolved...and once Greer came into the story, their relationship with her too. :DI thought that Sweet Venom was a fabulous story! It kept me on my toes, and I loved that Tera managed to mix ancient mythology into a current setting, while putting a very welcome twist on the ancient mythology involving Medusa! I think that Sweet Venom is pretty much perfect for anyone! If you don't know mythology I think you'll like it, and if you do, I think you'll love it even more because it offers a welcome new perspective! :DSeriously...I can't say it enough, go read Sweet Venom, it's fantastic! :D