Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold's Head - Lindsey Leavitt Sean Griswold's Head was one of those books that I was waiting for months to read. I saw the cover, title, and blurb, and I immediately knew that I just had to read it. It definitely didn't disappoint! This is one of those stories that when you finish reading you have a smile on your face that just doesn't want to go away. I finished this one before going to bed one night and I woke up still smiling. :)I absolutely loved the main character Payton, she was a bit quirky and was a perfectionist, which I could definitely relate to. She also had a bit of a compulsive need to be organized, which I felt spoke of her need to be in control, and when she wasn't in control anymore she kind of just abandoned her whole organizational thing that she had going on. Her best friend, Jac, was pretty much her opposite in a lot of ways, but I thought that they made a grade best friend duo. Then there's Sean, the one who's head is on the cover of the book and in the title. I absolutely loved the whole Payton and Sean relationship, it was adorable. Payton's family was also pretty awesome, and the teachers were great too. I thought that Lindsey created a fantastic group of characters, both main and secondary. :)This story isn't all about romance though, it's a story about dealing with things that you can't control, particularly illness, like Multiple Sclerosis, which Payton discovers her father has been diagnosed with. Payton goes through denial, anger and pretty much all the other stages of grief, but eventually Sean helps her move on and realize that ignoring her father isn't the way to deal with his illness. I thought that this story was absolutely wonderful, it was funny, sweet, and moving. It reminds you that you should live in the moment and that sometimes life doesn't go the way that you planned it would. I think that everyone should read this book, and that they will absolutely love it, just like I did. :D