Once Every Never

Once Every Never - Lesley Livingston Before reading Once Every Never, I'd heard fantastic things about Lesley Livingston's writing, and her Wondrous Strange series has been on my to-read list for quite some time now, so when I was asked to participate in the blog tour for Once Every Never, I jumped at the chance!I was expecting to like Once Every Never, as it sounded fantastic, but I liked it even more than I thought I would, in fact, it blew me away! I absolutely loved it! The characters were fantastic, and the folklore with the Druids was so fascinating! After reading Once Every Never I had an intense urge to research the Druids because Lesley made them sound so awesome, plus I'm a pretty big sucker for any kind of mythology. ;)The characters just blew me away in Once Every Never. Clare was witty and self-deprecating, but I loved going along the journey of this book with her. She slowly grew into herself and realized just how awesome she was, and her friends most definitely helped her along the way. Her best friend, Allie, was so quirky and smart, and I thought she was amazing. Her intensity and desire to learn had me smiling whenever she was in the story....and Al's cousin Milo...va-va-va-voom, the nerd turned into an Adonis type character, Milo was just amazing. He was smart, funny, and he was so adorable with Clare. I loved how awkward Clare and Milo made each other, and how oblivious they were to each other's feelings. I can't forget about Comorra and Connal either, they were freaking amazing, so fierce, and once again oblivious. Comorra was amazing and so tough, and Connal...well he makes you think that Druids just had to be completely sexy. ;P I think that the cast of characters that Lesley has created in Once Every Never are the kind that every reader will have an amazing time reading about and getting to know...and if you can't tell, I had an awesome time getting to know these characters...just don't make me pick a favourite. :PAlong with the amazing characters and the fantastic history woven into the story, the tiniest of details just totally drew me into this story. For example, the main character Clare's full name is Clarinet Reid and her parents are classical musicians. I just got a massive kick out of that, so hilarious! :DI would recommend Once Every Never to practically everyone, it has humour, it has action, it has amazing characters, it has some romance, and above all else, it is an amazing story. It draws you in and won't let you go. It's the type of story that will stick with you, and after you read it, you won't forget about it any time soon. ;)