Sometimes It Happens

Sometimes It Happens - Lauren Barnholdt Ever since I read Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt, I've been a complete fangirl of hers! I've read anything by her that I could get my hands on, so when Sometimes It Happens was on Simon and Schuster's GalleyGrab, I quickly downloaded it! As soon as I started Sometimes It Happens, I was hooked! I finished reading it in one sitting, which is saying something considering I had to read it on my laptop, and I can happily say that I still have yet to find a book by Lauren Barnholdt that I don't like! :DLauren writes incredibly realistic characters, and she gives them real problems. She realizes that most teenagers are stressing over: boys, fights with friends, parent issues, and other "teenage" problems. She doesn't give them issues that seem ridiculous for teens, and I find that so refreshing. After all, if I wanted to read about "adult" problems, I would read a book with an adult main character.In Sometimes It Happens, Hannah experiences the usual teenage upsets. It's summer, her best friend, Ava, has abandoned her to a summer of boredom, and her boyfriend cheated on her...and didn't even say anything to her afterwards. So, Hannah does what every sensible teenage girl does after her boyfriend cheats and her only friend has left her to deal with it on her own...she sulks, and pigs out on junk food. (See, super realistic. :P) Now, I understand some people might find all that cliche, but let's be honest, it's "cliche" for a's true. If I've had a bad day, I will most definitely reach for some kind of junk to sulk with...chocolate bars, hot chocolate, ice cream, chips, name it, if I have it in the cupboard, it will suffice.Anyways, so eventually Hannah gets a job thanks to Ava's boyfriend, Noah. Usually both Hannah and Noah would be spending time with Ava, but since she's not there, they start spending a lot of time together, and feelings start to develop, which "sometimes...happens." I've read a few reviews where people saw the whole saying, "Sometimes It Happens" as basically a way to condone cheating, but I interpreted it as sometimes life happens. Sometimes your best friend leaves for the summer, and you get to know her boyfriend and you start to like him. You try to stop feeling that way, but we all know that you can't control your feelings all the time. You don't do anything because he's your best friend's boyfriend, but one night, something does happen, so you're honest and you tell your best friend. Well, that's what Hannah went through. I've never been through that much drama myself, thank goodness...I like to read about it, not live it. :PI think that Hannah handled things in the best way that she could, and I admired her throughout Sometimes It Happens. At least she wasn't the type of girl who tries to get her best friend's boyfriend on purpose. The actions of her best friend, Ava, on the other hand were not something that I was too happy with. Ava treated Hannah terribly, but Hannah didn't even see it. Plus Ava was a liar...and a cheater herself. At least Hannah was honest, Ava wasn't. Now, Noah. I loved Noah! He was funny, smart, and he tried so hard to fight his feelings for Hannah, not just for Ava, but for Hannah, too. He knew how much Ava's friendship meant to her.Overall, Sometimes It Happens was a fantastic and realistic story. The characters were extremely well developed, and after reading the book, I felt like I actually knew them. I also felt like as Hannah fell for Noah, I did too. :) Once again, Lauren Barnholdt managed to hook me in right from the start! If you haven't read anything by Lauren Barnholdt yet, you definitely should! She writes amazing stories! :D*Thanks to Simon & Schuster, and their Galley Grab program I was able to read this one before the release date. :)