Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road - I absolutely loved Jellicoe Road...and honestly, I was pretty sure that I would. hahaI loved how the story wasn't quite straightforward and you had to try and uncover what everything meant for yourself, and then when everything started falling into place and becoming clear there's an "a-ha!" or a "knew it!" moment (depending on if you were on the ball or not for that particular plot point ;D haha). I loved the characters! Taylor...who was so torn up because of her past, and how throughout the book she slowly lets people in. Jonah Griggs...oh my my my. I loved me some Jonah. He sounds simply delicious, and for such a tough guy, he's pretty darn sweet and he's not afraid to show his emotional side either...which was just so so awesome to see. I loved the sparks and banter between Jonah and Taylor, it was awesome! :D Tate, Webb, Fitz, Narnie, and Jude...I loved discovering their story, it was told in such a fascinating way, and I loved how it was layered into Taylor's own was fantastic. :DJellicoe Road was an amazing story. It's definitely my favourite of Melina Marchetta's so far, although the only other one I read was Saving Francesca, which I really liked, but Jellicoe Road...this book wowed me! I was at work last night, and I'd been reading it before I went to work, and all night, this book was ALL I could think about. All I wanted to do was get home so that I could continue reading...and you know what the headache I have this morning from staying up reading (and from crying too :P) is totally worth it because I loved this book! :D