Tyger Tyger (The Goblin Wars Series #1)

Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton Before reading Tyger Tyger, I'd never read a story with goblins in it, and I must say, after Tyger Tyger, I will definitely be looking for more of them! :D Although to be honest, the thing I mostly want more of is Finn Mac Cumhaill. :PTyger Tyger is a fabulous story. It has an amazing narrator named Teagan, who is so smart, but has lived a pretty normal and sheltered life, so she's not experienced with adventure at all. It was like you were taking your first adventure with her. I loved Teagan! She was so goal oriented, and I could relate to her so well. Her family and friends were fantastic, too. Aidan was such a cool little kid, and his singing...just imagining it made me smile. Elvis Impersonators...so funny! Her best friend Abby would say whatever was on her mind, and I was constantly laughing during her parts. Her parents were awesome too, and their family history about Merlin and all that, so cool! I just loved all of the details in Tyger Tyger, they were so intricate, and I loved learning little things about Irish travellers and their history. :DKersten Hamilton has crafted a wondrous world in Tyger Tyger. One woven out of stories of old, and placed into the world that we know. She's taken a classic Irish hero and made him into a YA heartthrob. After all, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one swooning over Finn and his magical duct tape that can fix anything. :P I thought Finn was AMAZING! He's definitely one of my favourite book crushes, and I could reread this book over and over and still never get my fill of the Mac Cumhaill! ;)Along with the magical story that Kersten has created, the relationships between characters is remarkable and realistic. I love Finn and Teagan! Absolutely love them! They're so innocent...well Teagan is, Finn's past is kind of a mystery. :P I especially love how much they go through with each other, and how their relationship evolves at such a gradual pace, at least when you combine the way they both feel. :P For Finn, his love is pretty much instantaneous! For Teagan, though, it's much more gradual, and I loved the authenticity of that growth...the love, not the whole situation with the goblins. hahaI thought that Tyger Tyger was a beautiful story! It was imaginative, and full of adventure, with a side of romance that kept me on my toes! I definitely recommend it! :DHave you read Tyger Tyger yet?If you have, what did you think?And if you haven't, what's holding you back?