Dust & Decay (Benny Imura)

Dust & Decay - Jonathan Maberry I've already reviewed Rot and Ruin, and I loved it...I also loved Dust and Decay! I know I've said it before, but I will say it again....I...LOVE...ZOMBIES! They are fabulous (okay, not in the traditional sense, but I think they rock haha), and I love reading about them, especially when it's not all about the gore. I don't mind gore, but I'm not a fan of a book only being about gore. Jonathan Maberry's Benny Imura series is a good mix of gore and other stuff. Other stuff being like feelings, and talking, and all those good 'ol bookish things. Okay, I'm being extremely general on purpose, but I'm trying to not spill any spoilers for Rot and Ruin in case you haven't read that one yet. Some will be unavoidable, like the ones that are already given away in the Goodreads blurb though, so if I spoil stuff that the blurb already spoils...I'm sorry, but this is a review for a sequel. lolI'm gonna start off with the action. The action was even more intense in Dust and Decay, than it was in Rot and Ruin...which is saying something because that one was pretty intense and action-packed, too! Benny's stronger...and more buff, which yes, he does mention, since the last book, and he's also grown up a lot. Mostly because he's had to. He went through so much in Rot and Ruin, as did Nix and Tom. They've been through tonnes, so it isn't a surprise that they've decided to try to leave Mountainside. You'll have to read Dust and Decay to see how that turns out for them because my lips are sealed. :POh Tom...I confessed that I love Tom in my Rot and Ruin review, but I will say it again, he is a sexy dude! I think it's because he's so fierce, but he doesn't even want to be doing what he does. He's noble, and he's a great role model for Benny. Plus, he can cook...I can't cook that well, or rather, I don't try to cook most of the time...I might be able to if I tried, but I know he can, and I like that. Anyway, I'm gonna stop gushing, and move back into the review. (Yup, I just dedicated a nice little chunk to Mr. Imura, but he's so worth it. ;D )This one made me sad, it made me happy, and it made me laugh. I totally cried, but I won't tell you why, when, or how many times (it was more than once though). I'm not a fan of crying, although you might have noticed that I do it a lot when I read, but it's one of the ways that I judge how much I like books. If I cry over something, I can tell I'm invested in the story, and that I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I don't cry if I don't like a book, so crying for me is like a seal of approval. It means I care (and that the book is either sad or happy), and the fact that Jonathan Maberry has managed to make me care about his characters and their story so much, in a zombie book I might add, makes me smile every time...even if I might not be happy about why I was crying.Dust and Decay is a fantastic sequel. It has double the action, definitely double the zombies---they were EVERY WHERE in this one, and it's one massively awesome zombie-tastic ride! If you haven't started this series yet, and you like zombies...or you want to try a zombies series, I definitely recommend that you go out and get yourself a copy of Rot and Ruin...and once you devour that, a copy of Dust and Decay, or both at once, whatever you fancy. :)