Red Glove (Curse Workers)

Red Glove - Holly Black I absolutely loved White Cat, and when I saw that Red Glove was available through Simon and Schuster's GalleyGrab I jumped at the chance to read it! And even though I've already read Red Glove, I'm going to be sure to get myself a copy of it on April 5th when it comes out! :DIn White Cat, I totally became smitten with Cassel, and I just wanted to give him a hug the whole time, the poor guy just never seems to catch a break. I absolutely love his name too, and his brother Barron's...their names rule...anyways, after I finished White Cat, I was desperate to read more, Red Glove couldn't come fast enough!The Curse Workers series is addictive, and it's an interesting mix of paranormal with mystery and action. I absolutely love the fact that it has a male narrator, I love Cassel and I love being inside of his head. He has such an interesting perspective in his world, he's an outsider, yet even amongst outsiders he doesn't really belong. The Curse Workers series is almost like a paranormal Sopranos, except with a little more focus on the younger generation instead of the mob bosses. My mom got me hooked on the Sopranos, and I love that these books have that whole crime family feel to them.There are some amazing characters in this series, from Cassel's grandfather, to his brothers, to his friends at school, some are workers and some aren't. Cassel already knows when most people are workers, so as a reader you're pretty informed. You feel like you have insider knowledge, and it's like you're within the inner workings of the crime system yourself. Red Glove, was just as addictive as White Cat...I don't want to give anything away though, but if you loved White Cat, you definitely want to read Red Glove. It had some romance, it had some actions, some stake-outs, some make-outs (yes, that rhyme was cheesy, yet also on purpose haha), and it had some crazy twists! Red Glove had me hooked from the first page, and I couldn't stop reading! Now I can't wait until Black's gonna be a long wait :P