Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - I absolutely loved Divergent, so to say I've been waiting for Insurgent to come out would be a serious understatement! Thankfully its release day has come and passed, and all Divergent fans have probably already read and devoured Insurgent...and if you haven't yet, you really need to! It is amazing, and it's one of those sequels that definitely lives up to the first book! I don't have a single complaint about Insurgent...I absolutely loved it! It constantly kept me enthralled and had me constantly in anticipation about what would happen next, and I loved every single moment of it.The plot of Insurgent is obviously a continuation of Divergent's since they're part of a trilogy, but it definitely intensified in Insurgent! There were secrets revealed, plot twists, and you also learn more about the other factions and the whole mystery surrounding the factions and the people in general. I really wasn't expecting to actually learn so much in Insurgent...but you figure out tonnes, which makes me so much more excited for the final book in the trilogy because I just know that it will be AMAZING! :DI can't write this review and not mention Tobias/Four...seriously, I just can't! I can't even put into works how awesome I think he is...I'd probably just end up gushing for a couple of paragraphs, so I'm gonna stop now. :P haha And while I love Tobias, I'm glad that the love element doesn't completely take over the story. Yes, it's a big part, and I love that it is because I'm pretty much a romance fiend and I look for it in every book I read, but I love that this trilogy is about more than romance. It's about choices, and it's about fighting for what you believe in, which is exactly what Tris is all about. :) She's one of my favourite heroines because she uses her head, and while she sometimes let's her feelings take over, she always does the smart thing when it matters. She knows that sometimes sacrifices have to be made, and I think that's one thing that many heroines don't do. Tris will make a sacrifice every time if it means accomplishing or fighting for what she believes in, and I really admire her for that. I also love that Tobias and Tris make each other better people. They challenge each other, but they also don't let themselves be completely consumed by their relationship...although when they are together, they are fantastic. I just really love their dynamics. :)Insurgent definitely goes down in my book as one of my favourite middle books in a trilogy! It quells your curiosity after reading Divergent and answers some important questions, but it also leaves you on your toes and makes you incredibly excited for the next book. It's gonna be a long wait for the next one (even if logistically it isn't a long wait---only about a year, it is gonna feel long :P haha), and masochistically I may just enjoy the wait by rereading the first two books before then. :P If you haven't started this trilogy yet, I completely urge you to...yes, I urge you because it is URGENT that you read this series! It's amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's action-packed and character-driven in a way that I think it's pretty versatile for most readers. If you're going to take my advice about a trilogy only once...let it be able this one. Seriously, read it now. :D