Firelight (Firelight Series)

Firelight (Firelight Series) - First, I have to say that I have been looking forward to this book so much! I read the first 7 chapters online before it was even out and I was hooked. Then I ordered the book on the Book Depository, and boy was that wait torture, but I was dedicated to read MY copy of the book. Anyways, it finally got here and I was able to dig my hands into it, and I devoured it!So, I loved this book, judging by all that excitement from what I said before I'm guessing that was obvious, but I had to make that clear. This book was impossible to put down, and only Thanksgiving and hanging out with family kept me from holing up and reading it. I am so excited for the next book! I can't wait to see what happens to Jacinda!So, let me get into this book a little more. It was descriptive and the world and supernatural element was woven beautifully into our everyday world. It seems like it could be a true story, one that part of you kind of hopes exists somewhere without us really knowing. The characters were amazing too. Jacinda was 'fiery' and definitely fierce. She fights to stay true to herself and is dedicated to keeping part of her from dying. Will was mysterious, and oh so dreamy. He and Jacinda had probably some of the steamiest chemisty in YA that I've ever read, and I loved it! It wasn't overly done and it was definitely realistic, especially with the attraction between the two. Jacinda's twin sister, Tamra, isn't someone that we get to know too well in the story, but I get the feeling that she's going to play a bigger role later in the story, and I couldn't help but hope that something good would happen to Tamra. The poor girl has been overlooked most of her life, and when you're someone's twin and they get all the attention, that just has to suck. Cassain...well he sounds like such a tough guy, not very deep, but I got the sense that there may be more to him that there appears to be. I hope that he doesn't disappoint me in the later books. The whole idea of Draki, or descendants of dragons, was so fascinating and amazing to me. I loved it! Sophie had a whole background for them, and all the different kinds of draki was something that I loved reading about. Hopefully we'll get to see more of them in action. Also, I knew what I wanted to happen in this book, but I was usually surprised! Sophie Jordan kept me on my toes, there was never a dull moment to Firelight!This story was probably my favourite so far this year, and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy, and love. The dragon element is there too, so of course, if you love dragons you should check this book out.Firelight most definitely did not disappoint me, and I hope anyone else who reads it loves it just as much as I did! :)