The Summoning (Darkest Powers Series #1)

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong This book is amazing! It's the first book in the Darkest Powers trilogy, and it takes you for quite the ride. We as the readers get to learn about the Supernatural world along with Chloe, and it's full of twists and turns. The Summoning is the book that got me into reading Kelley Armstrong, and boy am I glad I found it. She has a way of getting you into a story with her words, and before you know it you're halfway through the book and not nearly sated enough. I can't help but always want for more of her stories after I finish. The Summoning was a refreshing change from reading stories filled with vampires, which I do like to read about, but it was definitely nice to see the other paranormal species get some action. A fantastic story, well worth getting caught up in.