Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country - Linda Lael Miller Once I started Big Sky Country, I devoured it! I couldn't get enough of this story, and I absolutely loved Slade and Joslyn. I live in an area where there are definitely a lot of farms, and I'm sure there are some cowboys around...but none have really caught my fancy. Not that I was even really looking, but still. :P After reading Big Sky Country, I definitely see the appeal. ;DBig Sky Country actually had a much slower build romance-wise than I thought it would, but I actually really enjoyed that. It allowed for the characters to actually develop, and for the story to have a lot more substance than it would have had otherwise. It also opened up side-plots which I'm sure will lead to the main plots in the following books of this series. :) I love when sequels are set up like that, and when you get to see how the couple, or couples, you met in previous books are doing! :DThe characters were what I loved that most about Big Sky Country! The point of view alternated between Slade, our cowboy and resident Sheriff, and Joslyn, who was returning to Parable after leaving in a hurry when her stepfather scammed most of the town out of an awful lot of money. I loved the whole alternating POVs, and I loved both Slade and Joslyn. They were both fantastic characters, and while they were both stubborn as heck, I loved that in the end that didn't stand between them...and the sparks between these two...wowza! I loved it! :D I also was just a sucker for Slade; blue eyes, deep chuckle, dark hair, tall, muscles but not too muscle-y...he definitely sounded like a stud, and I could totally understand his appeal. I could also understand both of their initial reluctance too, and their nerves just made me root for them even more! :D Along with Slade and Joslyn, I loved Slade's stepdaughter, Shea, his mother, Callie, Joslyn's best friend, Kendra, and I especially loved the dog, Jasper...I'm a sucker for dogs! :D The characters were fantastic, even the smaller ones, and that makes me really eager to read more of this series so that I can get to know even more of the characters! :DOverall, I loved Big Sky Country! :D It was an wonderful story with a slow-building, yet seriously chemistry-filled romance, and it wasn't over-the-top at all. I think that even readers who love romances, but don't like a lot of overtly described passion scenes would still enjoy this, and it had enough banter and chemistry between the characters to keep those who do enjoy more steamy parts along for the ride. :) I for one can't wait to read the next book, Big Sky Mountain, and I look forward to finding out what happens in Parable next! :D