Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren While I do read fanfiction...and the Twilight variety happens to be one of my favourites, I hadn't actually read Beautiful Bastard in its original fanfiction format, so this book was completely new to me! First, I will state that Beautiful Bastard does have mature content in yes, there is sex. It's definitely an adult story, so you've all been warned. Second, Bennett is a class-A douche at times...oh boy is he ever, but he definitely grows on you once he lets down his whole domineering boss facade...although that was kind of hot sometimes, too. ;)Beautiful Bastard starts out with Chloe having an awful morning where she ends up being late for work, and her boss, Bennett...or rather Mr.Ryan (if you didn't the first time, reread that last bit and say Mr.Ryan in a deep, deep voice---yes, it's totally necessary :P), managed to make her day even worse by assigning her a work project that she is to present to him by the end of the day. Once they get in that board room though, it's much more than presenting going on. And right away a new aspect is introduced to their work relationship.The thing that I loved about Beautiful Bastard was that while there is a lot of sex, the relationship between Bennett and Chloe is a lot more than that. There is a tonne of tension between the two of them, the sexual variety and just plain ol' stubbornness. Chloe has worked hard to get where she is at in her career, and when Bennett doesn't respect that, she doesn't take it lying down. I loved that Chloe had respect for herself because often too many women don't! Although Bennett did govern quite a bit of their relationship in the workplace, Chloe always held her own. She was pretty much the only one in their office who even stood up to him, and he respected that about her, even though he was rather nonchalant about her abilities. I loved that Chloe was willing to stand up for herself and when it came to their romantic relationship, she didn't always let Bennett have control either. Seeing the power struggle between the two of them was another fascinating aspect in their relationship, and once the power struggle morphed into something else....something else entirely, it was amazing to see the two of them finally let their guards down.I absolutely LOVED Beautiful Bastard! It was sexy, funny, and just an all-around enjoyable read! As I mentioned earlier though, it does have sex and is most definitely an adult book, so don't say I didn't warn you. :P If you're a fan of steamy stories with wonderful characters and some awesome tension, I think you'll enjoy this one. ;)So...are you a fan of steamy stories, too?Any other Twilight fanfic fans out there? Come on...don't be shy. I admitted it, you can too!Finally, what do you think of Beautiful Bastard? Do you think you'll be reading it?