Misfit - Jon Skovron I haven't read many books with demons in them, at least not ones where demons have actual dimension to their characters. In Misfit, Jon Skovron takes demons to a whole new level. Some of them are still pretty "demonic," but some of them aren't. In fact, Jael's mother wasn't always a demon, before she became known as a "demon," she was a god. It was over time, as humans began to hate being held under the power of gods, that they became known as demons. I loved that aspect of the story. That demons had an intricate history with humans, one where they weren't always considered bad. It's fascinating, and while I'm sure some people won't like that take on demons, I found it incredibly intriguing, and loved the originality of it.I loved learning about the demons' history, but I loved learning about Jael's parents' history even more. Jael lives alone with her father, and doesn't remember her mother. In fact, her father doesn't even talk about her mom, but that all changes on her sixteenth birthday. Her father gives her a gift that her mother left her, and with it she begins seeing memories. These memories aren't her own, though, they're memories of her father and mother when they were together. With these memories, Jael begins to see what her parents' relationship was like, and she finally gets to be acquainted with her mother, even though she's only seeing her through memories from the past.Experiencing the memories through Jael was interesting, and moving. It was a great way to get to know her character, and to see her growth. Once Jael begins to learn about her family's history, she begins to accept herself, and embraces her demon half. The fact that she embraces her demon side doesn't make her evil. As I mentioned before, demons weren't always considered bad in this story, it was only over time that they acquired their nefarious reputations. Jael's demon side is empowering for her, and she finally begins to feel whole. Plus, she can do some amazing things with the elements! :DI loved the characters in Misfit. I loved Jael as a main character. She's strong, brave, and fights for the people that she cares about. I also loved learning about her mother with her. Rob was another amazing character. He's all laid back, and at first appears to be a bit of a skater stereotype, but he quickly reveals himself as an in-depth character, who is much more than just a blond skater. He's philosophical, open-minded, and he and Jael are fantastic together! Jael's father is another character I enjoyed. Underneath his strict and rigid persona is a strong man. He's been through so much, and fought so hard to keep Jael safe. He wowed me. I thought at first he was just a mean dad, one that didn't let his daughter do anything, and didn't even acknowledge her birthday. However, by the end of the book, I could see his strength, and I was beyond impressed. With parents as strong as hers, it's no surprise that Jael is one superb and fierce heroine. :)Misfit was exciting, it was packed full of fantastic characters (some who I'm leaving out, not because I didn't like them, but because I want them to be a surprise...Jael's uncle, for example), and it was full of action. Since, it is a story involving demons, the action is probably not a surprise, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. :P I think that people who enjoy paranormal stories will love this, especially if you enjoy strong heroines who will do anything to protect their loved ones. It's a fascinating change to demon history. One that I thoroughly enjoyed, and that I hope others will, too! :D