Into the Unknown

Into The Unknown - Jocelyn Adams, J.A. Belfield, Aimee Laine I have read, loved, and raved about all three of these women's books! I was so excited to get to read more about Sean and Jem (from Darkness and Light), Wyatt and Charley (from Little White Lies), and Liam and Lila (from The Glass Man)! And I was still excited after I was finished! I'm defintiely excited for more books by these three very talented ladies! :DThe three short stories were fabulous! I think that you'll probably want to read the books these characters are from first though because all three of these short stories take place you might get a tad spoiled if you read them first! If you don't mind spoilers, I still think you could enjoy these stories. They're sweet, adorable, romantic...and sexy. ;) They all bring something different to the anthology, yet they share a few of those being the fact that they're all narrated by sexy men. ;) I'm a sucker for male POVs, so I loved this, especially since I already love all three of these guys! :DIn Marked, Sean is a nervous wreck, and he's so adorable when he's like that! Although to be honest, I love Sean all the time, he's made of awesome, seriously, I love him to bits! Not only do I love Sean, but I also love him with Jem, and this is an adorable story about the two of them! I'm already counting down the days for more books with Sean and Jem in them...I just can't get enough! They have fantastic dynamics! Jem is feisty and Sean is determined...and oh so strong (although his sexy brother Ethan is probably even stronger...but that's another story ;D haha), and together they're hilarious, and they just fit together. I love it!In Misguided, Wyatt's so protective, and he's also nervous, for slightly similar reasons to Sean, but also some deadlier ones. Wyatt works with the FBI, and in this story, he's on the trail of a mimic who has an uncanny way of getting away every time! He's concerned for Charley's safety...but he's also worrying about some more trivial matters. I'll let you find out about them when you read it, but I thought it was cute. He's such a confident guy, but Charley puts him on edge, and he's always trying to do things for her. Charley and Wyatt are another awesome couple. They've gone through tonnes, and I'm glad that they'd gotten to where they are. :DFinally, in the last story of the anthology, Tempted, Liam starts off by visiting Lila. Oh, boy. The beginning of this one was pretty steamy...I won't lie, Lila and Liam have some super sexy times together, so I wasn't too shocked that they had some fun in this short story. ;) They have some seriously hot chemistry, so it was definitely a sexy read, and for one wasn't disappointed...and Lila and Liam weren't either. :P This short story was more than just sex though. It actually became quite dark, and you get to see the darker side of Liam, one he's trying desperately to resist. I loved this one, too, and I love Liam and Lila together! They were my favourite part of The Glass Man, they're fantastic together! :DAll three of these stories are definitely leading into sequels for the first books in their series, and I'm so thrilled to see where they're all headed! This anthology is pretty short, but it packs quite the punch, and it's a great tease that gives you a bit more of the characters you love...I know I've been craving more of them all, so this anthology was perfect! :D