Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins Well, I read this in less than a day,'s not too surprising that I loved it! :DStephanie Perkins is wonderful at giving her characters amazing voices. I loved Anna's and I loved Lola's, too! I was especially fond of Lola shouting at herself in her head...only to find out that she totally said it out loud. Then there was Cricket...I don't know if you could read this book and not love Cricket. He was so sweet, nice, and adorable...and he and Lola were perfect, not perfect as in full of perfection, but perfect for each other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story, and I'll definitely be checking it out again, if only to read some of the adorable lines between Lola and Cricket! :DI was also surprised by how much Anna and St.Clair were in this one. I knew they'd have a cameo, but I didn't know it'd be so big...and I loved that! It was great to see how Anna and St.Clair were doing after Anna and the French Kiss! I wonder if we'll see Lola and Cricket (and maybe Anna and St.Clair again, too) in Isla and the Happily Ever After...I sure hope we do! Since it is a companion book as well, we just might! :)The thing that I love most about Stephanie Perkins's stories is how she develops her relationships. With Anna and St.Clair they just met in the story and it progressed, with Lola and Cricket there was a whole past behind them. I loved finally learning about what happened, and I loved what happened to them during the story too. Stephanie writes incredibly believable romances, and I find that so refreshing. It's one of the qualities that keeps bringing me back to contemporary romances, as much as I love my paranormal, you can only read about the love at first sight, destined mate, or whatever other predestined romance there happens to be, so these stories are a nice change. I also love her characters, and I can rarely think of something I don't like. Yes, they make mistakes, and yes, they do get emotional and at times, depressed. They aren't always responsible, but you know what?...they're real. Her characters are so realistic, and they're people you actually want to know...or at least, people I'd want to know. I can't say the same for everyone because honestly, we all have those people we don't like, but personally I love them. I loved Lola for her originality and her spark...she's one of those people you just would want to be around, or can't take your eyes off of. She's always in costume, and she's hilarious. :) And Cricket...oh I loved Cricket! His hair, and his outfits...which was another thing I loved about him and Lola together. Lola was always talking about his impeccable fashion sense...which was one of the reasons they were so dang perfect for each other. Anyway, amazing characters...everywhere! Well, maybe not Max...I wasn't a big Max fan, but he was really well described and did seem real...even if I didn't like him. :PLola and the Boy Next Door swept me up, up, and away! I loved it, and I hope that if you read it, you love it, too. :)