Wanted - Amanda Lance Prior to reading Wanted, the only book I had read dealing with a kidnapping was Stolen by Lucy Christopher, and since I thought it was amazing, I was definitely intrigued by Wanted's premise.Wanted was completely different than Stolen, but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I loved Addie as a narrator. She was authentic, fun, and I loved her random tidbits of knowledge. I also loved that Charlie seemed to have the same interest in random facts. The whole story takes place in Addie's point of view, and she's a rather mature narrator. She may be only 17, but she thinks pretty rationally, and I appreciated the fact that at times she was pretty analytical about the whole situation. She used numbers and knowledge to try and calm herself down, and she tried to reason away her feelings for Charlie, the man who abducted her, as Stockholm Syndrome. Her caution towards him was something I found very believable....I mean, who wouldn't question a guy's motives after he's kidnapped you from a rest stop? :P While Addie was cautious about Charlie at first, I loved that she opened up to him. While he may have taken her, it was pretty clear that Charlie did care for her...especially once the other guys he worked with would put things in perspective for Addie. I was doubtful of Charlie at times, just like Addie was, but he definitely grew on me. Like Addie, I was attracted initially by his looks and just how manly he was. He was a bit older than Addie, but that never really bothered me, especially since she was mature for her age. I just really enjoyed the two of them together.I loved seeing their relationship start to grow....and I definitely enjoyed getting to know Charlie through Addie. Charlie was both aggressive and sensitive at times, and I think his more emotional side, which Addie brought out, is what made him so attractive. It's pretty powerful to see a big strong man capable of showing his emotions. I just really enjoyed seeing Charlie let Addie in...just as much as I enjoyed seeing Addie fall in love. Wanted may not be your typical romance, but I still felt that Addie and Charlie's feelings were genuine and powerful, and I was rooting for them to find a way to be together right until the end. Overall, I really enjoyed Wanted, and the only thing that I felt was lacking was the ending. It was rather rushed. An epilogue would have been wonderful, or even a few more pages just to give the reader a bit "more." Don't let that deter you though. I still thought that it was a wonderful story, and Amanda Lance did a splendid job telling it. The characters were well-defined, and the story had both romance and suspense. All in all, Wanted is a fantastic story and I would recommend it to fans of male romantic leads with dark pasts, and quirky heroines with snappy dialogue. I'd also recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a new adult story with an unconventional romance. :D* I received an ebook of Wanted to participate in a blog tour and give an honest review. * This review is also on my blog and other social media.