Surface - Tiffany Daune Wow...Surface was an incredibly inventive story! It managed to completely change and redefine what both Sirens and Mermaids are...and described a completely different and mysterious species that I had never heard before! The mythology in the story was extremely well defined and was incredibly descriptive, which was even more impressive because it was a relatively short book. It was also very fast-paced and addictive! :)The characters were wonderful, and I especially loved Theia and Luc. :) The point of view alternated quite a bit in this book, which was kind of confusing at first because I wasn't expecting the shift, but I actually grew to really enjoy getting to see so many sides of the story. The author, Tiffany Daune, handled the shifting points of view incredibly well, and it became very easy to tell whose point of view each one was. I also thought that the differing points of view made the story very well rounded, and it kept me riveted to the page. :DThe best part of Surface was the mythology though. :D I've already mentioned it a bit, but I just thought that it was amazing and that it was incredibly inventive! I loved how thorough the history of the mysterious species was, and I just thought it was fantastic...and so elaborate! :D It was wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it all! I'm really hoping there is going to be a sequel because I'm totally not ready to be finished with these characters or this new race of supernaturals...I'm not even sure if I'd define them as supernaturals, but I think that's what I'm gonna go with. ;) hahaThe only thing that I kind of felt was lacking in Surface was romantic development. I loved Theia and Luc, and I did like them together, but I wish that it had been described more thoroughly and wasn't so much a case of fated love because it felt a lot like insta-love, and while I did enjoy them together, I was kind of just hoping for more. It seemed like the book was headed in the direction of a sequel, but I wasn't able to confirm that on the author's blog or I'm still hoping for more books and hopefully if there are more, we get to see the romance develop more. I did enjoy them together, and I felt the chemistry...but the whole jump to love was a tad bit sudden for me, so I would definitely like to see Luc and Theia's relationship develop more in future books. Overall, I really enjoyed Surface, and I would recommend it for the fantastic mythology alone! I also think that fans of inventive back-stories and elaborate backgrounds will really enjoy this one, especially if you're a fan of mythologies surrounding water. :)