Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine I loved this book so much! If you've seen the movie, the stories are nothing alike, but personally, I enjoyed both. I love the movie, and I love the book, for totally differen reasons. The movie changed the plot, the timeline, pretty much everything, but it stays true to the characters, and since the story was so far from the book I found myself able to enjoy both separately. While I loved the movie, the book was even more adorable!Char and Ella have so much chemistry in the book, and so many moments! The references toward Cinderella in the novel made it even more enjoyable to me, and Lucinda definitely redeemed herself in the book, in the movie not so much. I loved how the story just had so many different aspects to it, you saw Ella as a child and also as she grew older. She experienced so much, and the comedic moments in the book were amazing too! Ella on shrooms is all I'm going to say to that, not magic mushrooms, but anyone who has read this book will definitely know what I mean by that. I enjoyed the moments with centaurs, gnomes, birds, elves, giants, pretty much all of it just was remarkable to me. Loved this entire book! Gail Carson Levine is an amazing author, she weaves an amazing story, and although it's not a long book, it's one that has you enthralled from beginning to end. A must read! :D