Georgetown Academy, Book One

Georgetown Academy, Book One - Jessica Koosed Etting;Alyssa Embree Schwartz This is the second series that I have started reading from Coliloquy and I really enjoyed it! :D I loved that you get to choose which character you follow, too....especially since in the case of the four main characters there were a few I really didn't want to follow as much. :PI loved that each main character has their own introduction of sorts, and then the story broke off into a narrative where you could choose who you wanted to follow. Personally, I preferred Ellie and Taryn's parts. I just liked the characters more. I wasn't a huge fan of Evan or Brinley...but I did read them all, and I will admit that I liked that I got to see all of their sides to the story. It made it really interesting when you compared all of their versions and could see how everything fit together! :DAlong with the characters, I enjoyed the story itself. Since the US just had their election, I thought that it was a nice fit for the time, and it made me more interested in following politics. Although for me, I'd be focusing more on Canadian politics. ;)One of the biggest things I enjoyed in Georgetown Academy was the parallel between High School and the political world in this book. You see how scandals get blown out of proportion just like gossip in High School, and how the politicians and their scandals gets talked about in the media, just like it would be talked about by students in school. It's contrasted even more when you think about the fact that the students at Georgetown Academy happen to be the children of politicians (for the most part anyway) themselves, so it's like they have this kind of media and peer pressure coming at them from all sides. It put things in a really interesting perspective for me and I really enjoyed that. :)I had a blast reading this book, and I'd recommend Georgetown Academy to fans of contemporary YA who are looking for something a little different. Not only is the interactive aspect of the story interesting, but so is the subject matter. I don't know about you all, but this was the first book that I've read where it combined High School drama with actual politics, and I thought that was pretty neat. :DStay tuned for an awesome promo post for Georgetown Academy where you get to know a few of the characters better, that I have coming up soon! :D *I was provided with a reviewers copy by the publisher for an honest review. *This review is also published on my blog, Burning Impossibly Bright, and on my other social media accounts.