Empty Net (Assassins, #3)

Empty Net (Assassins, #3) - Toni Aleo I've mentioned that I love sports romances before, and Toni Aleo definitely writes ones that I enjoy. I love how she actually includes hockey in the story, and how she alternates between the male and female leads....oh, and I definitely enjoy those steamy sex scenes, too...can't forget those. ;)I've been really looking forward to Empty Net ever since I finished Trying to Score, especially after learning that this one was going to be Audrey's book! :D Audrey is Fallon's sister, and we met her in all her fabulous-cupcake-glory in the last Assassins book. :) She's quirky, fun, and all-around awesome in my opinion...her one downfall in Trying to Score was Levi...needless to say, he was the one feature of Empty Net that I didn't enjoy, although I definitely understood his purpose as the nasty, typical-a-hole type that Audrey dated in the past....scratch that he was by far the worst of the worst out of all the guys that she dated...so like I said, I get his presence. He makes Tate seem even more awesome when he appears, and they act almost like opposites to each other...so Tate=awesome, and Levi=not-awesome. Plus, Levi is creepy and Tate is Sexy...yes, with a capital S. ;)Out of all of Toni Aleo's heroines in the Assassins series so far, Audrey is my favourite. :) She had flaws yes, and I'm sure her flaws will annoy you, too. They did annoy me, but I could understand where she was coming from, and what I loved most was that she evolved in this book. She moved past her flaws, and I felt like she changed, or rather her attitude changed, in the book, and that made me like and appreciate her even more. I also, as I always do with this series, loved seeing the past main characters pop up....especially when they end up being so happy! :D It makes me thrilled to get to see Elli and Shea popping out babies, and Fallon and Lucas continually arguing then of course, 'making up'. You don't see it in the same context as you do in their own stories, but it's awesome to get to see where these characters are, especially after going through some tough times with them. :)Now...to the part I've been saving for last (after all...the best is saved for last, isn't it? :P)...the romance! :D I absolutely loved the romance in Empty Net! I loved how Tate and Audrey met, and how the tension was a lot different because they totally got their sexual tension out of the way....but, that didn't stop there from being tension, and boy...oh, boy, did that tension continue build as the story progressed! I also just have to say that I loved absolutely everything about Tate. :D He was adorable, yet hot and sexy at the exact same time...and I loved it! Tate's persistence was also something I absolutely adored. He knew that he and Audrey were good for each other...and he wasn't willing to drop it just because she was afraid. :) I also adored how Tate and Audrey both grew so much as characters...and mostly because of each other, it's one of the things that made them so great together...they were both awesome people, kind of happy...but not really, and then you put them together and they were even better! :D So...obviously, my favourite part of Empty Net was the romance between Tate and Audrey. I loved the emotional connection between them...and their physical connection, too...Tate and Audrey steam up the pages, and let me just say that no cupcake is safe in their presence (I'll let you infer about that as you will :P).While this series has had editorial issues in the past, I definitely think that they were a lot better in Empty Net, and I've been told that they've been improved in the previous books as well. I actually think that this has been my favourite book in the series so far....although, I still have a serious soft spot for the first Assasins book, Taking Shots, and a serious soft spot for Shea...oh, Shea. *sigh* ;) I definitely recommend Empty Net, and the previous two Assassins books to sports romance fans, or to fans of HEAs who think that they'd be a fan of guys with sexy athletic bodies getting sweaty...and also sensitive, with their lucky ladies. ;)