Kissing Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker, #1.5)

Kissing Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker, #1.5) - Kelly Oram An awesome short little bit from Ryan's point of view of the first chapter of Being Jamie Baker. :D I loved getting to see such a personal side of Ryan...I can't get enough of that boy, and I must admit after reading this little bit, I totally reread BJB...I just had to get more!!! haha :D Also, if you haven't read Being Jamie Baker, go ahead and read this bit first. It won't spoil you, but it will get you in the mindset for the first chapter, and it might give you an idea about Ryan's motivations throughout the book. And if you have read Being Jamie Baker already, seriously read this, especially if you loved Ryan! Either way...check this bit out! It'll give you an idea of how awesome Kelly Oram's writing is...and you'll definitely want to check out Being Jamie Baker...and then once you finish that one I'm sure you'll want to check out her latest release, Serial Hottie, too. :P