Teen Boat!

Teen Boat! - John          Green, Dave Roman I don't typically read many graphic novels, but I actually really enjoyed Teen Boat!, and I'm glad that I gave it a chance because it had me constantly laughing. :)One thing that I always appreciate about graphic novels is the artwork, and I thought that John Green did a fabulous job on Teen Boat!! The art matched the lines within the story so well, and I absolutely loved Teen Boat's transformation. It just looked so cool, and even though it was a static image, I could totally picture it in motion, which made it that much more amazing. :)Along with the fabulous art, the story was fabulous! I especially loved all of the puns...I am a HUGE sucker for puns, and Dave Roman did them extremely well, and John Green drew in those puns thereby making them even more awesome! :D Who knew punny (not to be confused with puny :P) drawings were even better than just plain ole puns! ;DThe one thing that kind of confused me about the graphic novel was its setup. It's broken up into what I would call different issues, which made me wonder if it was originally intended to be in multiple issues or not. They could be seen as chapters though, and that makes it a more fluid novel in itself. So, if you read this one, think of them as chapters and you probably won't be a bit confused once you get to the second one. I probably should've thought of that when I started reading it myself. :P lolOverall, I really enjoyed reading Teen Boat!, I thought that it was funny, and had wonderful artwork, which had me nostalgic for the days when I used to read Captain Underpants...because those books totally made me laugh like crazy, just like Teen Boat!. I would recommend Teen Boat! to fans of graphic novels who like to laugh, and also to fans of puns who are looking for something a little different. I'm sure all John Green and Dave Roman fans will totally love it, too.