Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story

Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story - Rachel K. Burke I'm gonna start off this review by talking about the music. :) I absolutely love music! You can pretty much always find me listening to music, or doing something with music playing in the background, so I always love to check out books revolving around a musical element, and I absolutely loved the music aspect woven throughout Sound Bites! :D I loved both Dylan's and Renee's passions for music, and I loved how music brought them together. :D I also always love hearing about songs that other people are absolutely crazy makes me want to listen to them. ;D haha Along with their musical connection, I just loved Dylan and Renee together. They had some amazing banter. I only wish that there had been more actual romantic scenes between them. It was the one element that I kind of felt was missing. I felt like these two had so much buildup, and that their chemistry and banter rocked, and then it was like I was only given a tiny piece of the major spark between them. I would've loved more kissing personally, and more scenes after their romance bloomed, but other than that, I totally loved their whole relationship. I just wanted more. :PAlong with Dylan and Renee, the characters were great. :D I especially loved Renee's friends. :) Sound Bites is full of sound characters, and packed full of passion for music. I also just loved Renee herself. I liked her as a narrator. She seemed very genuine, and I loved that she was so real. She had doubts, and fears, too. I love my butt-kicking heroines, but I also love when they show that they aren't perfect and that they actually are afraid sometimes. It makes them extremely easy to like, and makes it easy to empathize with them. I felt for Renee, and I really enjoyed reading her story. :)Overall, I thought that Sound Bites was a great story. While I would've loved more of the romance, and especially would've loved to see more romantic moments, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I think that Rachel K. Burke has crafted a wonderful story, with some fantastic characters, and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future. I'd recommend Sound Bites to anyone who loves music and loves to get caught up in the passions of others (the romantic and musical variety especially ;D).