A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm  - Lori Foster I went into A Perfect Storm not having read the first three books from the series, and to be honest, I didn't have any real problems keeping up, which was really nice! While I know I would've known a lot more background information had I read the first three, A Perfect Storm worked perfectly well as a standalone for me....that being said, I'm still totally going to go back and read the first three just so I can get more of Dare, Trace, and Jackson...and Spencer, too, of course! :DI absolutely loved Arizona! She was so strong, and she'd been through so much. I'm sure once I get around to reading the book that Jackson rescued her in, I'll like and respect her even more, too. She's feisty, and possibly a little crazy. Her chemistry with Spencer was FANTASTIC! I think that this book had one of the craziest begins, too. I was so not expecting it, but after reading the book I'm not too surprised anymore because it's definitely something that Arizona would do! hahaHaving not read the first three books, I can vouch for the fact that this book definitely works as a standalone. I felt that Lori Foster did a great job catching me up to speed with what was relevant for this story, but that she also did it in a way where I'm not going to be completely spoiled if I read the other three now, which is nice. :) It also means that for those who have read the first three, you won't be swarmed with chapters full of recap from the previous books, which I find is always a relief in series. :)Overall, I absolutely loved this one! I loved Arizona. I loved Spencer. I loved them together, and I loved the dynamics of all of the characters. Like Jackson being super protective of Arizona, and how Spencer had a neighbor that was trying to sink her claws in him. This book was full of action, it was funny, and it had some amazing romantic tension. Once that tension was finally released...wowza! It was sexy, and just all around fantastic! I definitely recommend A Perfect Storm to anyone who enjoys an action and tension-filled romance, while strong characters who have amazing chemistry!