Taking Shots (Assassins, #1)

Taking Shots (Assassins, #1) - Toni Aleo As I have mentioned before, I'm a sucker for romances involving athletes, and I have a particular soft spot for hockey players...I'm going to blame my Canadian nationality on that one, and also a particularly amazing fanfic that I read years ago where Edward Cullen was a hockey player...sigh. Don't laugh...I know you're laughing, it was fantastic! :P Anyway, Taking Shots managed to rekindle the love I have for sports romances...you may have noticed a steady rise in the number that I've been reading lately. :P While, it isn't a short story it's so addictive that you honestly won't want to stop reading...I didn't, and at the time that I read it, I seriously didn't have time to read...but I did anyway because it had me hooked!I absolutely loved Shea, he was awesome, and I loved the relationship he had with his twin sister, it was so adorable! :D I really liked Elli too, but sometimes she got on my nerves. I understand second-guessing yourself, but Elli took it to an extreme. She'd have her mind made up, doubt herself, decide to do it again, then doubt herself and then doubt herself for doubting herself. It got a bit excessive. That being said, sometimes her fears were well-grounded, she had a rocky past, but I still found that sometimes it was a bit over-the-top. However, Elli's excessive doubts were the only qualms I had with the book, everything else was fantastic. I loved Shea, I loved when he and Elli were together (especially when she was just letting herself enjoy it all ;D), and I just loved this book in general.One of the awesome things about Taking Shots is that there's actually hockey in it! I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of reading sports romances when there's no sports in it, I get that the author might want to focus on the romance rather than the sport, but what's the point in making the hero an athlete if there are no sports! Toni Aleo handles the sports aspect superbly! Elli is a mega fan of hockey, she has boxed seats, and she happened to be a big fan of Shea's prior to meeting him...her shrine of Shea was pretty hilarious once she actually met him. :P But, I loved that hockey was an actual focus in Taking Shots, and I loved how Elli was so into the game! :DAlong with hockey and the fabulous characters, I actually enjoyed the drama surrounding Taking Shots. Elli's past was heartbreaking, but it was also empowering to see her doing something that she was passionate about and working her butt of to run her business. :) With the exception of her awesome dad and uncle, her family was pretty terrible, and I liked that Elli's family dynamics actually had a purpose in the story...I won't tell you how, but it leads to some major drama. Finally, I loved how the book ended, it was such a sweet ending, and I was extremely happy with how everything worked out in the end.I'd recommend Taking Shots to anyone who has a soft spot for athletes, especially buff ones with really pretty eyes, and who likes kids...seriously Shea's pretty much perfect. ;) Also, if you're interested in trying out a sports romance and haven't read one before this would be a good chance to start, it's primarily available on ebook, so it's an inexpensive way to get a great read and try out the genre. :D**I received an egalley of Taking Shots to participate in the blog tour, and for an honest review. This review can also be found on my blog and on other social media sites.